Since I had a baby 2.5 years ago, I have struggled with post baby weight.  It’s nothing I’ve tried to hide.  Everyone, most importantly me, can see it in ALL my pictures.  I’m on a permanent roller coaster of gain 10, lose 10, gain 20, lose 20, etc.  I’ve joined the Army of frustrated moms who just wanna look good for their husbands, and themselves again.  Every compliment I receive is like a knife sticking me in the gut … No, I’m not being ungrateful, and I think it’s SO sweet when someone says “you’re so pretty” or “you look good with curves” or “Zac is a lucky man” …. BUT it just reminds me that I am not what I once was … my “Skinny” days are long gone.

Here’s the kicker though, are moms “supposed” to be ultra skinny model material?  Hell to the no!  We are moms.  We juggle work, taking care of a household, making sure food is on the table, laundry is done, dishes are washed, babies butts are cleaned, and surviving!  Our husbands often see us not dressed/dolled up but with raggedy clothes, a messy bun of a hair do, and I’ll even admit it … an exhausted look on our face that is borderline “will you PLEASE help me?”

HOWEVER, this doesn’t mean that we moms don’t like to feel sexy from time to time.  Not just for you men, but for us too!  I, myself, never thought I would participate in a Boudoir Shoot.  I haven’t been comfortable in my skin in a LONG time, but most ladies aren’t, right?  I juggled the idea for a long time and finally just bit the bullet.  It was SOOO much fun and SOOO worth it to see the look on Zac’s face when I presented him with several images of the sexy wife that he fell in love with.

I will add some in this blog … but don’t get too excited a lot of these were meant for Z’s eyes only, haha!  Here are some “mild” ones:

canes jersey legdid do will 2love legsbraves 3legs ring

bed serious close up

I am very pleased with the outcome … and have to say am learning to be more comfortable in MY skin!  After all, it’s my skin that tells the story of where I’ve come from and where I am now … freckles, scars, stretch marks, and all my imperfections.  I would HIGHLY recommend all my ladies to complete this type of shoot, especially if you’re feeling negative about yourself in any way!  It’s empowering and you will realize you don’t look as bad as you think!  I promise!  We were created to be DIFFERENT and UNIQUE.  We should be proud of that! Own it!



Cory Mitchell from Coryographix Photography completed the shoot.  He was AMAZING!  Check out his website here!

coryographix photography

Also, special thanks to Emily at Reclaim It Signs for making some of the props and providing the location.  Check her page out on Facebook here!